Website of the Deacon Centre, Caterham - a creative space for Service Users with Physical, Mental, Learning and Communicative Disabilities, inspired by the life and work of Joey Deacon.

What we do

We were set up provide 'creative spaces' where Service Users with Learning and Communication Disabilities (and their carers/support workers!) can participate in Creative Writing, Art, Music and Drama.

Once the current pandemic is over we will run activity sessions on a regular basis at various locations in East Surrey. The longer-term plan is to have our own physical space - a permanent home for the Deacon Centre.

What makes the Deacon Centre unique?

  • A focus on experience, not 'education' - we know that a lot of our Service Users have struggled with some aspects of formalised education and have reservations about letting more teachers and teaching into their lives. We don't do 'courses' and it's not about 'studying' here!
  • Understanding of, and respect for Service User requirements - many day centres and their associated activities run in the mornings. We know that this isn't usually a good thing. Many Service Users - whether because of medication or their underlying conditions - are not 'Morning people' and will not get the most out of a session they have to get to for a 9 AM start! Our activities will typically run during afternoons and early evening.
  • The Creativi-tree - our unique approach to individual expression. Start with a few thoughts, turn them into a few lines and then take whichever branches of the tree you choose: A poem, a song, a painting, a play...

For more information, please download our prospectus.